Monday, June 15, 2015

What Not To Eat When Losing Weight

It is a common belief that the secret to losing weight is snacking frequently. However, do not expect to lose weight if you are snacking on the wrong food. Losing weight comes with a sacrifice by knowing what not to eat when losing weight. The following is a guide of food you should not eat as you endeavor to lose weight.

1. Snacks that contain carbs only
Eating dry cereals, rice cakes and eat crackers alone, makes the body convert the carbs to sugars, which is sent directly into the blood stream. The abrupt rise in the sugar level after the meal provokes the body system and the response will production of extra insulin to help the body absorb the sugar. The problem will be, the body sugar level will decline and hunger pangs hunt you again, leading you to binge on sugary food.

2. Frozen meals
The manufacturers secret to make fresh ingredients last long in the fridge, is loading the food with sodium, which is a natural preservative. The loaded sodium food will bloat you up; by making you retain a lot of water in the body. Skip frozen foods and increase low-calorie food intake.

3. The labeled “Low-fat foods”
Research has indicated a lot of people losing weight, take 30 percent more food when you are cognizant to the fact they are eating a low-fat food. The problem of low-fat food is with the manufacturers, as they make the low-fat food, they remove fat but add sugar content in the food to replace the lost food flavor. 

4. Juice
Next in the list of what not to eat when losing weight is juice. To make a glass of orange juice, you need several oranges blended. A glass full of juice will have a lot of calories from the oranges, which will be less the fiber. The fructose content in the juice initiates the body to add weight since your body cannot to tell when it is full. This raises the risk of developing diabetes.

 5. Sweetened soft soda
Keep off from soda and all other sweetened drinks that contain zero calories. Turn to water and lemon water. The carbonated drinks make you feel artificially full hence eating less.

6. Alcohol
No weight loss will recommend alcohol for weight loss. Alcohol does not support weight loss, it has no calories and of no nutritional value. Alcohol may impair your judgment leading to overeating, regretting later. Alcohol is a body toxin; the liver dedicates all efforts to get rid of it, making the liver unable to efficiently burn fat.

In efforts to lose weight, knowing what not to eat when losing weight is not all, embrace a healthy lifestyle. Develop an exercise program including riding a bike to work, choosing stairs instead of lift and consulting a weight loss expert.

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